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  • Tracy Allard

    Tracy Allard    MLA for Grande Prairie

    “I am supporting Travis Toews to be the next leader of the United Conservative Party and Premier of Alberta because I believe he is the best choice for Alberta at this time. Travis is hardworking and humble – a man of faith and family that is able to lead with both integrity and compassion. Travis brings the work ethic, wisdom, experience, and capacity to lead well and to unify conservatives across Alberta under a vision of hope and opportunity for future generations. It is my honour to support him as he builds an even stronger future for Alberta.”


  • Mickey Amery

    Mickey Amery    

    “Travis is the right leader for today. We need a government that provides consistency, predictability, and stability to attract investment for the next decade and beyond. That’s exactly what Travis offers.”

  • Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk

    Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk    MLA for Fort Saskatchewan – Vegreville

    “Travis Toews is a man of integrity and a true conservative leader for our time. He has raised a strong family, built a thriving cattle ranch and accounting business, and balanced Alberta’s budget. Travis Toews is also a consensus builder, who can unite all sides of our party and lead us to victory in the next election. I give Travis Toews my fullest endorsement for leader of the United Conservative Party.”

  • Tanya Fir

    Tanya Fir    MLA for Calgary-Peigan

    “I am proud to support Travis for Leader of the UCP. I have worked with Travis in both Caucus and Cabinet and he is a strong, intelligent, genuine, principled Conservative.

    I trust Travis to do what’s right for Alberta. Travis knows we are stronger by uniting around our shared values. He is the leader we need to unite all Conservatives to ensure we defeat the NDP in the next election.

    Travis is not running for himself. He is running for all of us, for future generations of Albertans, and to restore hope in our incredible province.”


  • Shane Getson

    Shane Getson    MLA for Lac Ste. Anne – Parkland

    “I’ve worked with Travis for 3 years now and have had the chance to observe, and get to know him very well. He is the real deal, a man I can trust. He can rope, ride, wrangle the budget, make the deals we need down on Wall Street and in Ottawa. He’s not a career politician, a handshake still means something to him. I believe he is the person we want to represent Alberta as Premier. A person as comfortable in jeans and boots as he is in a suit and tie.”

  • Nate Glubish

    Nate Glubish    MLA for Strathcona-Sherwood Park

    “I have been fortunate to work closely with Travis over the last three years. He is smart, strategic, and compassionate. Most importantly he is a man of good character and integrity. I’m confident that Travis will make an excellent Premier, and will serve Albertans well. That’s why I’m supporting Travis for leader.”


  • Nate Horner

    Nate Horner    MLA for Drumheller-Stettler

    “The next leader of our party and Premier of the province needs to be someone who can bring our caucus, our membership and Albertans in general, together. I wholeheartedly believe Travis Toews is that person. I’ve had the privilege to work with Travis the past three years and can’t express enough how qualified and capable he truly is. I’m grateful and relieved that he’s thrown his hat in the ring and I’m very happy to support.”


  • Grant Hunter

    Grant Hunter    MLA for Taber-Warner

    “I have worked closely with Travis for over three years on Treasury Board and over two years as the Red Tape Reduction Minister. In all of that time, Travis has shown me that his only reason for being in politics is to build a better Alberta for our children and grandchildren. I will support that every day, all day.”


  • Whitney Issik

    Whitney Issik    MLA for Calgary-Glenmore

    “I am supporting Travis because he views humility as a guiding principle for leadership.  He has the proven skills to not only build a strong economy but to also be a responsible fiscal and civil manager.  He understands the diversity of our province and can comfortably talk to bankers and CEOs in New York, Toronto and downtown Calgary and then put on his boots and converse with ranchers, farmers and oil field workers.  It’s time for a new beginning and I believe Travis is the right person to lead us forward.”

  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones    MLA for Calgary-South East

    “Albertans and our members rightly expect professionalism, trust, and integrity from their government. Travis Toews has exemplified all of these qualities, first as a private citizen and then in his service as an MLA and as a minister, and he will continue to bring them as party leader and Premier. Travis is both careful and compassionate in his decision making and—something that is key to my support—unwilling to sacrifice our children’s future when confronting the problems and political challenges of today.”


  • Adriana LaGrange

    Adriana LaGrange    MLA for Red Deer-North

    “Travis Toews has always been my clear choice for UCP leader. What I love about Travis is that he is not a career politician, nor does he come with a lot of political baggage. Rather, he is a man of faith, who’s character and integrity exemplify the qualities that I look for in a true leader. Travis has earned my respect by the collaborative way he leads and by all the hard work he has done as Finance Minister, balancing our budget, and cleaning up the mess left behind by the NDP.”


  • Jason Luan

    Jason Luan    MLA for Calgary-Foothills

    “Travis is a principle-based common-sense leader, who has a strong sense of humility & authenticity. He is a rare find compassionate conservative. He has the best quality to lead us united for a prosperous Alberta.
    “I had the honor of working with him to get through the new funding of $51 million Alberta’s Covid response for mental health & addiction; increased CSS funding in 2022 to protect AISH budget so that we can maintain $1685 monthly benefits being one of the highest among provinces in Canada; Added $63 million support to Families with Children with Disabilities; Added brand new Prenatal Benefits for low income family & AISH recipients at $856 per month, again the highest in the country. He impressed me with his compassion for the most vulnerable.”


  • Demetrios Nicolaides

    Demetrios Nicolaides    MLA for Calgary-Bow

    “As Minister of Finance, Travis has stopped reckless NDP spending and helped restart our economy. He has the ability to united our party and move our province forward to a brighter future.”


  • Ron Orr

    Ron Orr    MLA for Lacombe-Ponoka

    “I support Travis Toews for the leadership of the UCP and province because he is a balanced conservative. He balanced the budget through careful spending controls where needed which also allowed increasing budgets to important provincial ministries which Albertans care about.”


  • Miranda Rosin

    Miranda Rosin    MLA for Banff-Kananaskis

    “Travis is a principled conservative who has proven to be a strong voice for the values of rural Albertans at the cabinet table. He has a true heart for unity, and an ability to bring people together through the common conservative values which we all share, which is precisely the type of leadership that our movement needs right now.”


  • Sonya Savage

    Sonya Savage    MLA for Calgary-North West

    “I’m incredibly proud to support Travis for the leadership of our United Conservative Party. His competent track record shows that he will provide the stable, responsible leadership needed for Alberta. I support the incredible work he has done to balance Alberta’s budget, and I believe that as Premier, he will lead us with integrity and humility.”


  • Tyler Shandro

    Tyler Shandro    MLA for Calgary-Acadia

    “It’s my pleasure to endorse Travis in his campaign to be the leader of our party and province. I know him to be an honest man who’s in this race not for himself, but for the good of all Albertans. We need to heal as a party – and I firmly believe that Travis is the way forward to bring us together as conservatives.”


  • Rj Sigurdson

    Rj Sigurdson    MLA for Highwood

    After deep consideration of the platforms laid out in this leadership race, I support Travis Toews’ plan to build our economy, strengthen Alberta’s interests, and resolve healthcare system delivery in Alberta.


  • Peter Singh

    Peter Singh    MLA for Calgary-East

    “Travis Toews has the knowledge, experience and dedication to serve as our next leader that can promote unity and has a proven track record in advancing economic stability for Alberta.”

  • Mark Smith

    Mark Smith    MLA for Drayton Valley-Devon

    “As the MLA for Drayton Valley-Devon and a fellow Caucus member I have come to believe that Travis Toews is a man of strong conservative principles. I believe he can reach out to all facets of the Conservative family and unite us around a vision that will speak to all Albertans in the upcoming 2023 General Election.”

  • Searle Turton

    Searle Turton    MLA for Spruce Grove-Stony Plain

    “As a former municipal councillor, I know that Travis Toews will work constructively with other levels of government. He has a track record of collaborating and being a straight-shooter. That’s why I’m proud to support Travis for my riding.”


  • Jordan Walker

    Jordan Walker    MLA for Sherwood Park

    “Travis Toews is a principled conservative who believes freedom, family and free enterprise are pillars of Alberta’s prosperity. I am proud to support Travis.”


  • Rick Wilson

    Rick Wilson    MLA for Maskwacîs-Wetaskiwin

    “There’s nothing more important to Rose and I than our children and grandchildren. We want to build the best opportunities for them here in Alberta. I know Kim and Travis are driven by the same thing for their 11 grandchildren. That’s why I’m endorsing Travis to be our next Premier.”


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