Toews’ Strategy to Strengthen Alberta

CALGARY, AB - Today, United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership candidate Travis Toews released his strategy to strengthen Alberta within confederation.

“Albertans have made massive contributions to the rest of Canada over the years, including a net $600 billion in federal taxes paid with little to show for it,” said Toews. “We must use every tool at our disposal to level the playing field and ensure a fair deal for Albertans now and in the future.”
If elected leader of the UCP, Toews will focus his plan to strengthen Alberta on the following areas:

  • Reform Equalization and Fiscal Stabilization
  • Lay the groundwork and build support among Albertans to opt-in to an Alberta Pension Plan
  • Shift tax power from the federal government to provincial governments
  • Defend and advance Alberta’s key economic sectors like energy and agriculture
  • Explore an Alberta Provincial Police Service with rural Albertans and municipal leaders 

“We must strengthen Alberta’s place in Canada and win meaningful reforms,” said Toews. “Threats and sternly worded letters aren’t enough, and radical actions that create chaos will only set us back. I have a real plan that uses our economic and fiscal strength to our advantage. A plan that is strategic. A plan that will get us results. Albertans want more autonomy, but not at the expense of economic growth, job creation, and prosperity. We can’t go back. My plan sets Alberta up to win.”
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