Travis Toews Announces His Run for Leader of the United Conservative Party – Travis Toews

BEAVERLODGE, AB — Today, alongside family and friends, Travis Toews announced that he will be seeking the leadership of the United Conservative Party.

“I am inspired by our movement, which is why I ran in 2019, and I believe that Albertans and our members can be inspired again,” said Travis Toews.“I’m running to lead our party back to the foundations that united us. It’s time to lay aside our differences to focus on our shared vision – a hopeful future for our children and grandchildren, on the foundation of a free and prosperous Alberta.”
Toews is a born and raised Albertan. A businessman, community advocate, and most importantly, a proud husband, father and grandfather, Toews is inspired by the member-driven United Conservative Party’s focus on defending the freedom, opportunity, and prosperity of Alberta.
After a career spanning nearly two decades as a CPA and CMA in a public accounting firm, Toews and his wife Kim built and managed a family cattle ranching business and an environmental services company in Northern Alberta. He’s dedicated considerable time to provincial and national industry boards, including being elected in 2010 as the President of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.
In 2019, Toews was elected by the great people of Grande Prairie-Wapiti to serve as their Member of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly. He also recently served as Alberta’s President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, where he restored fiscal balance to the government’s books for the first time since 2014.
Toews looks forward to connecting with Albertans from across the province to discuss the values that matter to them, and what they expect from their leaders.
“We must lead with strength and humility and return to the values that define us. We must take time to listen – to our members and to all Albertans, and we must learn from our missteps,” added Toews. “We are better together, stronger in our diversity and in our unity.”

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