About Travis – Travis Toews

I want to extend an invitation to all Albertans … let us seize this opportunity to step into the next chapter in our history united, laying aside our differences to focus on our shared vision – a hopeful future for our children and grandchildren, on the foundation of a free and prosperous Alberta.

I am a proud, lifelong Albertan.  My wife, Kim, and I have three children and 11 grandchildren.  We have had the opportunity to pursue careers and business interests and to raise our family in this province of possibility and prosperity; a place where the principles of freedom and self-determination are held in high regard.

Until 2019, I spent my career entirely in the private sector, first as a Chartered Professional Accountant for 12 years and then, with Kim, growing a corporate family cattle operation and oilfield environmental company. I dedicated considerable time to provincial and national industry boards, including time as the President of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

Four years ago, concerned with the direction of the province, I sought public office to help ensure our children and our grandchildren would have the same opportunities that I had been afforded.

It was an incredible privilege to serve as Alberta’s Minister of Finance for three years, during which time we implemented an ambitious platform of reform positioning Alberta’s economy for exceptional growth. I presented the first balanced budget in over a decade and set the province on a strong fiscal path. 

I believe in servant leadership. I believe in humility as a guiding principle in government and I fundamentally trust that Albertans collectively hold the answers for the challenges we face.

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