Excellence in Education – Travis Toews for United Conservative Party Leader | Toews for Alberta

I firmly believe one of the most important things we can do as a government, as a society, and as parents is ensure our children have an excellent education.

Alberta has succeeded on this front by respecting parents’ right to direct their child’s education, and under my leadership our world-leading school choice model will be enhanced.

I’ll ensure we have a strong fact-based curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, and core competencies.

Our youth should also graduate with more financial, historical, and energy literacy so they have the tools to preserve what makes Alberta the best place on earth.

  1. Parental choice is critical to a healthy system. To enhance it I will:

    1. Extend transportation funding to independent schools at the 70% rate most get for instruction
    2. Make new grants available to independent schools, as our government has done recently with special needs and learning loss grants
    3. Ensure the accreditation process is streamlined for new independent and public charter schools
  2. Our curriculum needs to provide young people with the skills and knowledge to succeed. To improve it I will:

    1. Focus on numeracy, literacy, and facts, not fads.
    2. Ensure science, technology, engineering and other trades skills are highly valued
    3. Enhance financial, historical, and energy literacy components so young people have the tools to be strong citizens in the future


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