Making Life More Affordable for Alberta Families

Many Alberta families are facing an affordability crisis.

The best way to help with affordability is to ensure Alberta attracts job-creators so we can all earn a good living.  Alberta now has a low unemployment rate and is poised for the biggest GDP rebound of any province in Canada. I’m committed to keeping our recovery on track.

But I know too many Albertans are not yet benefitting from this turnaround and need help making ends meet.

Here are some responsible steps I would take as Premier to make life more affordable for Alberta families.

1. Make Fuel Tax and Natural Gas relief plans permanent

The Notley-Trudeau Carbon Tax is making life more expensive when Albertans can least afford it. As Finance Minister, I temporarily canceled the 13 cents per litre provincial fuel tax to offset the latest increase.

I think it is both responsible and fair to make this relief plan, as well as the natural gas price cap, permanent.

Fair, because Albertans own that resource and should get relief when prices are high. Given it is price sensitive, it is also responsible, because we will always be able to afford to offer relief in a high price environment.

2. Electricity Relief

Past governments have made mistakes in overbuilding transmission lines, unnecessarily hiking the costs on your monthly bill.

On day one, I will bring together the electricity companies, the rural electrification agencies, and the right policy people to ensure we have a comprehensive plan to address transmission costs and push back on Justin Trudeau’s green agenda.

To reduce your power bills I will:

  • Maintain existing rebate plans
  • Work with retailers to find the best way to add transmission rebates to offset mistakes by previous governments
  • Direct regulators to fix inefficient generation and transmission approval process to keep future costs lower
  • Fight Trudeau’s aggressive and unaffordable green agenda


3. Replace the two-step Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) program with a one-step license available at age 16.

There are now about 500,000 Albertans eligible for a full license who have put off paying the $150 fee and going through their third test. The probationary period also prevents younger Albertans from getting their Class 1 license to help with family businesses.

 I will remove this inefficient extra step and any Albertans who have a GDL will automatically get a full license at their next renewal.


My government will support parents by introducing a per-child tax credit that will effectively raise your personal exemption by $2000 per child. To provide further support for families, we will also supply additional funding to support expectant mothers, and cover 75% of the 'home assessment fee' for adoptive families.
I will also inflation-proof the basic personal exemption and tax brackets by tying them to cost-of-living increases, and commit to the same on any government programs where indexing was paused. Albertan adults enjoy the largest basic personal tax exemption in Canada - re-indexing it now is responsible and will ensure we maintain the Alberta tax advantage.